Emachines E4264 Technical Specs

Emachines specialises in affordable desktops, laptops and all-in-one computers; the computer manufacturer states on its website that it has sold over 5 million personal computers since beginning operations. The Emachines E4264 is just one model in Emachines' long line of desktop computers.

Although the factory default specifications aren't incredibly impressive, Emachines' models are highly customisable and refurbished models are often available through third-party retailers.

Hard Drive

The factory default hard drive that is included in the Emachines E4264 provides two gigabytes (GB) of drive space. With upgrades, the Emachines E4264 can be outfitted to store up to 250 GB on its hard drive.


The Emachines E4264 comes with 512 megabytes (MB) of random access memory, or RAM. RAM is utilised by computer systems when running programs and software; the more unused RAM that a computer has access to, the faster these programs will run. The RAM on Emachines E4264 models is removable, allowing an owner to upgrade his available RAM by installing a new component; these RAM components must be compatible with the DDR2 SDRAM system utilised by the E4264.


The Emachines E4264 model has been discontinued as an Emachines retail product. However, refurbished E4264 models are available through a variety of online retailers. As a result, any Emachines E4264 that you might purchase will likely be highly customised and retain few of the same technical specifications of the factory default version.