50th birthday party jokes

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While turning 50 may not be an event some people find appealing, there are others who take getting older with a grain of salt and continue to enjoy their birthdays. For those who want to continue to celebrate their birthdays, celebrating their 50th birthday with jokes is a way to help make the event entertaining. There are several ways to incorporate jokes, both physical and verbal, into a 50th birthday party celebration that will ensure that you throw a memorable party.

Birthday card and invitations

Begin the humour-based theme with the birthday cards. There are plenty of funny cards you can buy with funny phrases and jokes on them regarding a 50th birthday, but you can also make up your own. Craft a wisecracking one-liner about being old and use it for your own handmade card, or consider using a famous quote, such as T.S. Eliot's "The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down." You can also use Henny Youngman's famous line, "A man has reached middle age when he is warned to slow down by his doctor instead of the police."

Birthday decorations and prizes

Consider hanging a sign at the entrance to the party that reads "Senior Citizens' Party." Place a bundle of walking canes at the entrance for guests to use at the party. Black balloons with the number 50 written in crooked numbers or with phrases such as "You're not as young as you feel," or "Fifty is fine...except when you're falling down" can add a touch of humour to the event. Other funny ideas you can use for a 50th joke party are to pass out hair dye as a door prize or give out senior citizen discount cards.

50th poems

Write a funny poem for the birthday celebrant. An example: Today you turn 50, It must be good to know. For a really old guy, Only a few wrinkles have started to show.

Celebration banquet

A big dinner is the perfect opportunity to celebrate someone's life and to crack jokes. Gather the birthday celebrant's friends around. Start the speeches by saying, "I would have invited fifty of your friends to celebrate the fifty years of your life, but I was lucky to find five." Take turns having guests toast the celebrant with jokes about being half a century old.

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