Ideas for My Girlfriend's 20th Birthday

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It can be easy to fall into the trap of planning a predictable date or purchasing a last-minute bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend's 20th birthday. Although she is yet to reach the official milestone of 21, she has left her teenage years behind her so it is cause to celebrate.

Be imaginative and surprise her with a thoughtful gift, gesture or activity that will leave a lasting impression. From a surprise picnic to a personalised gift basket, there are a whole host of options to choose from to ensure she will have a birthday to remember.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are not just for small children. Plan a treasure hunt around her home, garden or a local park that will lead her to a gift. If she has a favourite band, plan a music-related treasure hunt, hiding clues in her iPod case, behind her computer speakers or in the album cover of a CD. Surprise her with tickets to see her favourite musician live in concert at the end of the treasure hunt. The excitement that leads up to discovering her gift will be as memorable as the gift itself.

DVD Message

Record a DVD message for your girlfriend wishing her happy birthday. If she has moved away to college, seeing your face and hearing your voice will be the highlight of her day. If you live close by, set the up the DVD her laptop ready for her to play as a sweet surprise. If you have other footage of times you have shared, such as prom or a vacation, edit this into a sequence to create a montage of your relationship using a basic editing program.

Gift Basket

Create a themed birthday gift basket filled with all of the items that your girlfriend adores. If she is a fan of cosmetics then beauty products, perfume and make-up are sure to be a hit. Alternatively, pack a gift basket filled with the items required for a romantic night in together such as a movie, gourmet chocolates and scented candles. Include a gift token for a spa day or treatment at a local salon for an added touch.

Day Out

Whisk her away for the day for a cosy picnic in a national park or trip to a bustling city. The opportunity to spend quality time together is likely to be more appreciated than any gift you could buy her. Take a digital camera so that you can upload the images onto a digital photo frame to present to her in the following days. Keep the trip a surprise and only tell her the attire you she will need to wear.