List of iron-fortified cereals

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Iron is an essential mineral in the function of the human body. One of the primary responsibilities of iron is to bind oxygen to the haemoglobin protein in blood, enabling the blood to transport and distribute oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Iron also aids in immunity, metabolism and temperature regulation. Because iron is involved in so many of the body's everyday functions, even a small deficiency can have detrimental effects on the body. Many breakfast cereals are fortified with iron, which can be a good way to boost depleted iron reserves.


Total cereal is produced by General Mills, and is available in several varieties. One serving of Total cereal is fortified with 100 per cent of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. This includes 100 per cent of the recommended daily serving of iron. The original flavour of Total features whole-grain, bran flakes. Other flavours include blueberry, cinnamon, and Omega-3 and almond.

Special K

Kellogg's produces Special K cereal. It is available in most major grocery stores. Special K cereal is a rice flake cereal that is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Due to its low calorie content, Special K is a popular option for dieters. Its vitamin and mineral supplements make it a healthful meal replacement. One serving of Special K contains 120 calories and 45 per cent of the daily recommended serving of iron.

Product 19

Product 19 is a breakfast cereal that is produced by the Kellogg's company. Kellogg's began producing the cereal in 1967. It is available through the Kellogg's website as well as most major grocery stores. It is a mineral and vitamin supplement cereal containing wheat, oat and cornflakes. Product 19 contains 100 per cent of the daily recommended dosage of iron. The crispy flakes also contain 100 per cent of the daily recommended dose of folic acid and zinc.

Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts is a whole-wheat and barley nugget cereal produced by the Post company. While the cereal does not actually contain any nuts or grapes, it boasts a high nutritional value. The crunchy nuggets are fortified with 90 per cent of the daily reccommended serving of iron. One serving also contains 7 grams of fibre and only 1 gram of fat.

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