Advantages & Disadvantages of Netsupport School Classroom Management

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NetSupport School technology gives classroom teachers and university instructors the tools to conduct computer-based lessons or lectures.

Those who use the software can show their computer screens to students, control Internet and software access, view their student’s screens and interactively respond to their questions. The classroom management software supports file transfers and multimedia examinations, too. Network Times says, “The systems greatest feature is its stability.” Despite the software’s known stability, NetSupport School’s pros and cons are noted by those who test the technology.

Start Menu Shortcut

Teachers or instructors employing the software’s tutoring component can create a Start Menu shortcut for each student workstation. Unfortunately, students may use the menu and make accidental changes. Consider the consequences of this before installing the shortcut on student computers.

Automatic Installation

An automatically launching software install can save time and prevent having to follow complex installation procedures. Yet, Floyd J. Csir of Christian Brothers University states the feature caused him some concern. He states, “NetSupport School installed itself without asking questions.” Csir concludes that this feature can cause configuration problems for their university’s existing set-up.


Geology professor Thomas D. Hoisch tried NetSupport School as a way of increasing the efficiency of a mineral optics multimedia demonstration. The reported advantages of using NetSupport School technology include the use of a live, projected video feed from a microscope and efficient responses to student questions. During the lecture, students were directed to sketch notes. Hoish found that transferring the student's image files with the classroom management software led to unintended delays.