The best vacuums to use on wood & laminate flooring

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Hardwood and laminate flooring that provide the appearance of wood add elegance to a home. These durable flooring types are made to tolerate heavy foot traffic. Yet despite their toughness, care and maintenance is still required to keep them clean and attractive. Certain vacuums clean these floors better than others.

Vacuum Cleaner Without a Beaded Bar

Although hardwood floors withstand substantial use without showing a lot of wear and tear, laminate flooring is not as forgiving. Laminate floors can dull when dirt accumulates on the surface for an extended period. World Floor Covering Association, an organisation that provides consumer information for flooring, recommends removing dirt and dust from hardwood and laminate floors with a vacuum that does not contain a beaded bar. A beaded bar can scratch the floor when the bar is positioned too low. The organisation suggests using vacuum attachments to clean around the edges and to get into wood planks.

Hoover FloorMate H3000 Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum

Consumer ratings recorded by, a consumer rating website, indicate that the Hoover FloorMate H3000 Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum is preferred for use on hardwood floors. The vacuum received 3 1/2 out of 5 stars for overall performance based on 205 reviews. The Hoover scored high on ease of use and ease of cleaning and style and performed relatively well for durability. Consumers reported that the one drawback to this vacuum is that it's bulky, making it challenging to manoeuvre in small spaces. Two attachments come with it to clean planks, and it has rotating brushes to remove grit from the floor. Hoover sells the vacuum for £97 as of September 2010.

Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac and Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood and laminate floors, you want a machine that can effectively remove dust and debris and even particles trapped between floorboards and along the edges of the floor. The vacuum cleaner needs to have good suction. Vacuum Wizard, a consumer product review company, selected three vacuums based on consumer ratings for performance, along with overall price. Among the top three vacuums ranked include the Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac, Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors and Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel. However, only two of the three are suitable for hard floor surfaces: the Eurkeka and Dyson. The Eurkeka model offers a bare floor brush to clean hardwood and laminate floors and includes seven attachments. It's priced at about £97. The Dyson model provides ease of movement with its patent ball technology. The manufacturer claims that the Dyson offers continuous suction to resist clogs. It costs about £325.