Problems With Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring is an economical choice for many homeowners. The flooring material holds up well with regular maintenance and care, but problems can occur with the material due to improper installation or care. Homeowners can avoid problems with vinyl flooring by following the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and caring for the floor.

Stains and Discoloration

A variety of reasons cause a vinyl floor to stain or discolour; spills are one of the most common causes. To avoid a spill that stains the floor, wipe up all spills immediately. The sun and heating vents may discolour a vinyl floor as well. Keeping the room shaded during times of the day when the sun is the strongest can avoid discolouration from the sun. Keep heating vents away from vinyl flooring material to avoid discolourations around the vent. Rubber soled shoes and nylon socks or stockings can cause the floor to discolour as well. Remove shoes before walking on the floor.

Scratches and Damage

Many things can cause the vinyl floor to scratch or become dull from multiple scratches in the surface. The most common reason for a dull floor or multiple scratches is grit and dirt from the outside scratching the surface of the floor. Regular sweeping with a broom eliminate this type of defect. Dragging chairs across the room can cause the floor to scratch as well. Vinyl floors can dent if a defective chair leg is placed on the floor. High heel shoes are another culprit for vinyl floor damage.


Vinyl floors can crack if the material is not installed properly. The subfloor or underlayment is usually the cause of cracks in a vinyl floor. For severe cracking of the vinyl, the floor will need replacement, and you must repair the underlayment or subfloor to prevent future problems with a new floor.


Vinyl floors may peel at the corners with age, which is usually a result of the adhesive wearing out in the corner and is remedied with a dab of glue on the bottom of the vinyl. The flooring does not usually require replacement for a peeling problem in one or two corners of the flooring.

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