Wicker furniture repair supplies

Wicker basket image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.com

Although there is no definitive "wicker" plant, furniture and other items woven of flexible plant materials are referred to as wicker. Plants used to weave wicker items are the same as those necessary to repair them: willow shoots, rattan reeds or cattail leaves.

The weaving materials are usually soaked until they become soft and pliable, then they are woven into the desired shape and allowed to dry naturally.

Round Reed

Available in many diameters, round reed comes coiled and ready to soak and use. Made of genuine plant materials, round reed is ordered by metric size.

Strand Cane

Flat and available in several widths, strand cane is used to weave chair seats or as a wrap for legs, arms, joints where two large diameter reeds are attached. Cut from the outside of the rattan reed, cane is thin with a rough, dull inside. The outside is hard and shiny.

Kraft Fiber Rush

Made of Kraft paper fibres, it is rolled and twisted into a round rushlike shape. Kraft fibre rush is usually used in Danish-weave chairs. Do not soak it; the paper fibres will deteriorate.

Pre-Twisted Sea Grass Rush

Long, slender leaves of cattails and other swamp plants are rolled tightly along their vertical axis. The ends of the leaves are overlapped as they are rolled up, forming a continuous strand.