Pond building grants

summer garden and pond image by Nicola Gavin from Fotolia.com

Pond creation and conservation is gaining more popularity and funding both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In the U. S., Massachusetts has established a state program to support lake and pond conservation through grants and support activities. In the U.K., there are several online and regional groups that gather information and help direct pond enthusiasts with grant opportunities. Many grants are designed to create or clean up pond habitats that support diverse plant and animal life.

Massachusetts Lakes and Ponds Program

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has a program with grant funds that aims to restore and conserve the state's 3,000 lakes and ponds, many of which have been contaminated. Conservation efforts focus on educating the public on the integral importance of the watershed to the overall environmental health of the state's ecosystems. Grant monies are awarded to public and private groups engaged in conservation and clean up efforts. Grant money is also given for educational materials and community outreach programs.

Pond Creation

In the U.K., homeowners considering building ponds on their property can apply for Wildlife Enhancement Grants through national and local Wildlife Trusts. Grants are given for pond creation since ponds are important ecological "transition zones" between dry land and open water. Ponds support complex plant and animal systems, which have been neglected or destroyed during past urban and agricultural development activities. Ponds created or restored in areas of high wildlife value are also eligible for Higher Level Stewardship grants.

Pond Conservation

The group Pond Conservation, located in the U.K. has organised a directory of funding for individuals and groups interested in pond conservation. Funding comes from governmental, public and private organisations. Many of the grants are project specific, such as conserving ponds that support many species of reptiles and amphibians. Pond conservation ideas that work in tandem with the national Habitat Action Plan and Biodiversity Action Plan can receive grants that are often organised by the region or species impacted by the project.

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