Ten Biggest Cities in England

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England is filled with history as well as beautiful countryside. Small towns and villages abound. If you are looking for the larger cities of England, you can look beyond the largest and best known city, London, to other cities of size located throughout England. As of the 2001 census, the larger cities of England ranged in population from more than 7 million in London to fewer than 300,000 in Leicester; population figures vary depending on whether a city or the greater metropolitan area around it is being considered.


London is the largest city in England as well as the second-largest in Europe, after Moscow. The population is more than 7 million as of the 2001 census. It is located in the southeast of England and is the seat of the central government of England.


Next in size is Birmingham, with a 2001 population of just under one million. Birmingham is one of the largest industrial centres in the world. The city has numerous canals that are currently used for pleasure.


Another large city in England is Leeds, with more than 700,000 residents as of 2001's census. It is located on the River Aire. Leeds is a financial and commercial leader of the region. Industry in the city includes textiles, furniture and leather.


Sheffield had more than 500,000 residents in the 2001 census. It is a university town located 35 miles south of Leeds at the foot of the Derbyshire Hills.


Bradford is located on the edge of the moors of the West Yorkshire Pennines. It is in the area called "Brontë Country," where the Brontë sisters, English writers, were born and lived.


The city of Liverpool is located on the River Mersey. Ferries can be taken from Liverpool to Ireland and the Isle of Man. Liverpool is often noted as the home of the Beatles.


Manchester is situated in the northwest region of England in the county of Lancashire. Although only about 400,000 people lived in the city as of the 2001 census, more than 2.5 million lived in the greater metropolitan region.


Bristol is the largest city in the southwest of England. It is also the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the region.


The city of Coventry predates the cities of Leicester and Birmingham, but Coventry appears to be a more modern city because of a great deal of rebuilding after World War II. Coventry is known for Lady Godiva, who lived in Coventry during the 11th century.


The tenth largest city in England is Leicester, with fewer than 300,000 residents in 2001. It began as a Celtic settlement and is one of the oldest cities in England. It lies on the River Soar near the National Forest.

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