Body Sculpture Power Toner Exercises

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The Body Sculpture Power Toner is an exercise device featuring a vibrating platform. The machine claims to help build muscle and reduce fat better than traditional exercise methods. The manufacturer suggests that users complete each exercise in 30, 60, or 120 seconds to get maximum benefits from vibration.

The machine features adjustable vibration settings. It is recommended that users vary these settings during each workout and over time, for best results.

Knee Bend

Stand on the platform gripping the handles with your feet in the middle of the platform slightly separated. Bend your knees to an 80-degree angle. Make sure not to bend your knees past your toes, and to keep your head upright and your back straight. You can also try doing a one-leg knee bend. Keep one foot in the middle of the platform and the other food on the floor. Bend your knees between 60 and 90 degrees.

Bending the Leg

Stand along the plate with the handles to your side. Put your feet together and bend your knees slightly. Bend at your hip, reaching for you ankles. Hold for a moment and return to an upright position.

Leg Biceps

Lay on the floor with your feet on the platform, slightly separated. Keep your shoulders and head planted to the floor while you lift your hip. You should feel a stretch in your stomach muscles and a tension in the backs of your legs.

Arm Muscles

Squat in front of the machine with your hands on the flat platform. You should face away from the machine. Bend you arms, lowering your pelvis. Keep your back straight and your head upright.

Muscle Massages

Lay the desired body part on the machine. Find a comfortable position for the rest of your body and rest for a few moments. For example, to massage your calves, lie on your back with your lower legs on the platform. Flex your muscles and keep your back straight.

Familiar Exercise

You can perform sit-ups, squats, plank, and lotus position on the platform. Feel free to try different exercises as long as you remain aware of your body and keep good exercise form. Try your favourite exercises, only on the platform. You can try calf raises or pile lunges, or any other exercise you currently enjoy.