The top 10 fast foods

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Although most fast foods are bad for your health, they are extremely popular. In no particular order, here are the ten favourite dishes that these seemingly ubiquitous establishments sell in abundance around the globe. They were identified by who asked their readers in a random survey what fast foods they preferred on the basis of service, price and quality.

Subway's Steak and Cheese Sub

It's hard to pass up a sandwich, anyway, but it's difficult to resist one that has your favourite ingredients and is made right before your eyes. For that reason, Subway sells thousands of steak and cheese subs each day.

KFC's Bucket of Original Recipe Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken has answered the call for healthfulness with its broiled and baked chicken, but its Original Recipe variety remains one of the most popular in the world.

McDonald's Big Mac

The people who created the "Big Mac" many years ago didn't realise what a hit it would be. The "Big Mac" has and always will be one of the best selling dishes of all time, even though it has almost 550 calories.

Wendy's Big Bacon Classic with Cheese

Wendy's does a lot of research before they put anything new on the menu, possibly why the chain scores well in any poll about fast foods. But no Wendy's item has been as popular as their Big Bacon Classic with Cheese.

Taco Bell Beef Burrito

The Taco Bell chain has created myriad promotions for various items on its menu, but nothing has surpassed its burrito. You can order it with chicken, but the largest seller is its burrito made with beef.

Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Pizza

Although Pizza Hut sells a lot of stuffed and cheese pizzas, the chain's popularity surely would have suffered if there had been no pepperoni pizza.

Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich

When Arby's opened its first store, the only thing they sold was a roast beef sandwich. Although Arby's menu has grown considerably, the biggest seller by far remains that roast beef sandwich.

Hooter's Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

People used to throw away chicken wings, but no longer. Most restaurants have their own recipes nowadays, many including a sauce invented in Buffalo, New York. The once unappreciated chicken wing is now ordered by the millions each day, and the varieties made at Hooter's are outstanding.

Papa John's Cheese Pizza

Because Domino's and Pizza Hut once saturated the market, pundits questioned the wisdom of someone beginning another pizza chain in the United States. But when John Schnatter opened the first Papa John's pizza shop in the late 1980s, he rewrote the book. Today, Papa John's Cheese Pizza is one of the best selling dishes in the world.

Burger King's Whopper

People tend to gravitate to simple foods, so it's no surprise that the Whopper from Burger King has been such a huge seller. While McDonald's fries their hamburgers, Burger King broils them; then the Whopper is adorned with a small pickle, a slice of tomato, a piece of fresh lettuce--all topped with mayonnaise and ketchup. It's amazing that something so simple sells so well.

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