What Are the Benefits of the Stair Stepper?

The stair stepper is a great piece of exercise equipment to improve health, tone the body and lose weight. When used properly, the stair stepper offers great strengthening, toning and cardio exercises.

Consistency of motion and increased speed on the stair stepper is the appropriate way to get all of the benefits out of the machine.

Improved Health

Regular exercise is not just for losing a few pounds; it helps to keep the body healthy and working in prime condition. Using the stair stepper can help relieve stress, provide a better night's sleep, improve digestion and keep the heart strong.

Cardiovascular Workout

Great cardio exercise gets the blood pumping and increases the metabolism. The stair stepper, when used consistently, works as an effective cardiovascular workout.

Weight Loss

Effective weight loss comes from eating the right foods and exercising at least 30 minutes a day. The stair stepper not only stimulates the heart but also builds muscles, which helps to burn more calories.

Muscle Toning

The stair stepper is great for toning the muscles in the legs and butt. It also works the waist, thighs and calf muscles of the leg.

Other Benefits

Regular exercise has great beauty benefits. It can improve the overall beauty and growth of skin and hair.