Makeup Tips for When You Wear a Pink Dress

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Deciding what make-up to wear with an outfit can be tricky--the colours that you choose should complement your clothes, but should avoid being too "matchy." Wearing a pink dress portrays a sweet feminine image. Your make-up choices should enhance these features to complete your look, while harmonising with your eye colour.


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The golden rule when it comes to matching your make-up to your dress is to wear a complementary colour- never the same shade. This includes anything from the pink family, like purple, plum or burgundy shades. Instead, go for a neutral shade that will complement your eye colour. Blue, grey and green eyes should be enhanced with light grey, champagne, gold or light brown eyeshadow. Brown and black eyes can also wear gold, champagne, ivory or cinnamon brown.

Eyeliner and Mascara

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Once you have chosen your eyeshadow colour, decide which eyeliner and mascara will match. Gray eyeliner should be used with silver and grey eyeshadow on blue or green eyes. Brown eyeliner complements champagne, gold, ivory or brown on any eye colour. Black eyeliner is the safest bet as it goes with every eye colour and eyeshadow shade. Follow with a mascara that matches your eyeliner.


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Wearing a pink dress is a great way to show off rosy cheeks. Choose a light rose shade to wear. Even if your dress is hot pink, all you need on your cheeks is a hint of colour. If you don't want to wear pink blush, a light bronzer will give a sun-kissed effect. Alternatively, you can try a shimmering champagne-coloured highlighter for a dewy, romantic look.


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If you keep your eye and cheek make-up subtle, wear a bold lip colour and find a pink shade that matches your dress. If you prefer to keep your eyes or cheeks as the main focus, then maintain a neutral lip colour by wearing a light pink or beige lipstick. Lip gloss also may be worn in pink, beige, champagne or clear.

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