Coffee table makeover ideas

fabric swatches image by Empath from

Coffee tables are pretty fundamental in your home. As it's usually in front of a sofa, and in the living room, it's one of the first things that you see in the room. Unfortunately, it is also easy to have odds and ends accumulate on this table.

If you are creative, and also would like to update the look of your table in a budget-friendly way, consider ways to make over your coffee table.


An innovative idea for changing the look and design of your coffee table is to create a photo bowl. It's also a great conversation starter. Place a large, ceramic bowl on your coffee table. The colour of the bowl depends on the decor of your house. Some ideas include yellow or orange. Fill the bowl with photographs. Any type of photographs will work, just make sure that they are safe for public viewing.


Use fabric to change to make over the appearance of your glass coffee table. You will need some wood primer and fabric. This won't work with a regular, non-glass coffee table. Essentially, wrap the fabric around the base and staple it into place. Place the glass top over the fabric. The great thing about this is that you can update the look often. To jazz up a neutral room, use a colour such as red or orange.


A quick and easy coffee table makeover is to create a display of treasured objects on a lacquered tray. Another option is a shiny, silver tray. The tray should be quite large and take up most of the middle of the coffee table. To create the display, place a glass vase with yellow or red tulips in it. Add to it gems or place beads around it. Put two long, tapered candles on the tray. To finish it off, a favourite knick-knack or photograph looks lovely.

Spray Paint

A quick and easy way to make over your coffee table is with paint. Spray paint comes in just about every colour. Change the table to a bold colour such as dark teal or blue. Place the coffee table outside on a newspaper and spray it.