Household Products Containing Ammonia

Ammonia is a natural gas that is colourless and has a pungent odour. Despite the fact that it can cause irritation to human eyes, nose, lungs and mouth, it is a common ingredient in many household cleaning products.

You can effectively use household ammonia or its products to clean mirrors and glass to give them instant shine, to remove mildew and soap scum from bathrooms, to disinfect counter tops, refrigerators and other appliances, to clean drains and to remove almost all kinds of stains and dirt build-ups in the household.

Glass and Window Cleaners

As ammonia can remove all greasy soil on mirrors or glass, it is an active ingredient in most glass and window cleaning solutions. Make your own glass or window cleaner with ammonia by mixing half cup white vinegar, half cup ammonia and 2 tbsp cornstarch in warm water. Take a cotton cloth or newspaper, dip it in the solution and use it to clean the glass or mirror.

Floor Cleaners

Ammonia is also an important ingredient in most floor cleaners. Mix ammonia and vinegar in a bucket of water and clean the concrete, stone, vinyl or linoleum floor with it for added shine. Ammonia is not a suitable cleaner for ceramic tiles and therefore, if you have ceramic tile floor in your house, make sure that the cleaner you are using does not contain ammonia.

Kitchen Cleaners

Because ammonia is highly effective in cutting out grease, you can use it for cleaning kitchen counter tops, microwave ovens and stoves. Mix ammonia in a bucket of water and use it to clean kitchen windows, floors, counter tops, microwave ovens and stoves. You can also mix some dishwashing detergent in the solution in order to enhance its cleansing power.

Toilet Cleaners

Ammonia is also an active ingredient in a variety of toilet cleaners. Rub ammonia in the toilet bowl with the help of a brush and let it stand overnight. In the morning, rinse the toilet bowl with water to remove stains and odour. Make sure that the area you are cleaning with ammonia is well ventilated because ammonia can cause breathing problems for some.