Daily checklist for hotel maintenance

hotel image by Martin RICHIARDONE from Fotolia.com

In order for a hotel to thrive, everything must be in good working order. While guests look for comfort, customer service and class, they also expect cleanliness and working amenities to come standard. Hotels must use daily maintenance checklists to meet and exceed guest's expectations.


Daily hotel maintenance begins with a housekeeping team. These workers clean and prepare rooms for guests before they arrive. They must remove used linens and supply the room with fresh ones. Housekeeping should place new toiletries in the bathrooms and disinfect most surfaces such as bathroom faucets, showers, vanities and desktops.


The exterior of the hotel is just as important as the inside, as this is the first impression guests receive upon arrival. The grounds should be mowed and free of unsightly weeds. Make sure all flower beds are well-manicured and watered. Inspect the car parks for trash, litter or debris.

Common Areas

The common areas include the continental breakfast area, check-in desk, pool and fitness centre. Employees should make sure the breakfast area is well-stocked with plenty of fresh foods, beverages and ice each morning. Vacuum and dust around the check-in desk and community seating areas. Inspect windows for smudges. Clean around the pool area and check its PH balance. Apply pool chemicals as needed and skim the water daily for debris. Clean the fitness centre and wipe down free weights and workout machines. Vacuum the hallways on each floor of the hotel.

Room Appliances

Inspect room appliances and electronics to make sure they are in working order. Alarm clocks should display the correct time. Check for faulty televisions, irons, faucets, air conditioner control panels and radios. Replace remote batteries as needed in addition to any burnt-out light bulbs in each room.


Maintenance employees should be on call for any emergencies throughout the night. These could include plumbing, electrical, cooling or gas problems in the hotel.