Step by step stages for building a house

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Building a house is many people's dream. The process can be exciting, but requires careful planning, scheduling and coordinating with other parties. House building is a step-by-step process, and each step must be completed to ensure the success of the following stage.


The first step after buying your land involves submitting house plans and obtaining planning permission. A site plan must include your septic and well system if no public water system and sewer exist. Other complications may arise if your site is in a designated historic landscape, national park or adjoins a listed building. Fees are required for most permits.

Laying the foundation

Clear the area of debris and trees. A surveyor can locate your house's corners, and a chalk outline will mark your house's perimeter. The house's foundation will require a footing with either a slab, pillar or block foundation. The foundation must be constructed correctly to ensure the strength of your home. Lay out interior and exterior walls with chalk. Frame the basement exterior walls. Wall framing is repeated on other levels. Attach wall sheathing to the outside of exterior walls. Install windows and exterior doors. Install exterior door locks. Add exterior cladding, siding and exterior paint.

Siding, roofing, plumbing and electrical

Hire siding and roofing spcialists after the shell is established. Choose a roofer who specialises in the type of siding and roofing you prefer. Install electrical and plumbing systems, which can be done simultaneously.


Install interior walls. Plasterboard is the most common material used for interior walls. Install worktops, cabinets and sinks in the kitchen. Install baths and showers in the bathrooms. Paint the interior and add flooring. Paint first so fallen paint does not mar the flooring. Choose tile, wood, carpet or vinyl for your floors.

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