Properties of Enamel Paint

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Enamel paint is a common paint used for both residential and commercial purposes. It is an oil-based paint that provides a glossy finish, and it's available at most hardware and paint stores across the country. It has a number of properties that have made it popular with many companies.

Withstands High Temperature

Once enamel paint has dried, it can withstand very high temperatures. Due to this property, enamel paint is used to coat a number of parts in vehicles. These parts include the exhaust, brake calipers and the engine. It is also used to paint the exterior of barbecue grills because it withstands the heat produced when the grill is in use.

Water Proof

Enamel is also used on a number of materials because it is waterproof. Most furniture-making companies use enamel paint on wood to make their products waterproof and rot proof. When enamel paint is applied on wood, it dries quickly with a glossy finish. This prevents water or oxygen from coming into contact with the wood. This makes it more resistant to wear and tear. It may also be used on iron products and other metallic items to prevent wear and tear. It prevents rusting in iron because rust occurs when iron comes into contact with moisture.

Easy To Clean

Enamel paint is normally used when painting walls because it is easily washable. There are different types of enamel paints that may be used when painting walls. These are semigloss, high-gloss and eggshell-gloss paint. Use semigloss and eggshell gloss when painting walls because there is less glare from the wall. The glare from these paints may cause headaches. Enamel paints are highly recommended especially for families that have children. Kids enjoy drawing on walls. With enamel paints, you can simply wipe off their drawings.

It Dries Quickly

Enamel paint dries quickly. It takes roughly less than an hour for the paint to dry. Once it dries, it is durable. It is mostly used as the finishing on refrigerators, microwaves and other industrial finishes.

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