Bay window blinds ideas

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Bay windows can make any room seem more relaxing and soothing. For example, the expansive glass lets in extra light and the protruding nature of the window's structure can create a relaxing seat.

However, using blinds for bay windows may become necessary to maintain privacy or lower the temperature of a room by blocking excess sunlight.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are a suitable solution for someone who wants to maintain privacy yet doesn't want to block too much light. Bamboo blinds hinder others from seeing inside, yet the slight spacing between each piece of bamboo allows a lot of light through. The blinds also prevent your room from taking on a formal, utilitarian look that certain types of Venetian blinds can give a space. Bamboo blinds compliment earthy decors and colours, such as white, brown, green, blue and burgundy.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are versatile and are appropriate for any type of bay window and any type of room decor. Because Roman blinds are simply fabric that you can fold up to the top of a window by pulling a string, they give you the simplicity of blinds with the elegance of the fabric you've chosen. And you can chose any type of fabric that will complement your room: corduroy, velvet, linen, cotton or terry cloth. Choose any shade that will also complement your colour scheme. Choosing striking colours of Roman blinds can make your bay windows the focal point of your room.

Wood Blinds

According to the Better Homes and Gardens website, "Wood blinds bring handsome style, clean lines and classic looks to any room." Wood blinds are like Venetian blinds in the sense that they are very functional and provide you with complete privacy. Unlike Venetian blinds, the brownish, natural hue of the wood can give your room a warm atmosphere. Wood blinds are similar to bamboo blinds in the sense that they also complement earthy decor styles. Choose from a variety of different types of wood, such as oak, ash or cherry. Because they consist of polished, smooth wood, they're easy to clean.