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List of Fruit Trees

Updated February 21, 2017

Fruit trees are classified as flowering plants, varying in colour, size, and shape. Their fruit is divided into separate groups based on the plant's anatomy, with stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, and cherries and pome fruits such as pears and apples. Fruit trees add colour and variation to the landscape, as well as produce food for consumption and other uses.

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Lemon Tree

The citrus lemon tree can grow up to 20 feet tall.They feature dark green leaves with fragrant fruit-producing flowers. Lemons are used for many things, from pies to cleaning agents. The lemon tree is very sensitive to weather, and grows successfully only in limited areas. Most lemons we are familiar with today in supermarkets come from Arizona or California. The lemon tree has been cultivated to produce a great deal of varieties, or offspring, such as dwarf mini patio lemon trees and houseplant trees. Lemon trees do well in almost all kinds of soil as long as there is good drainage and full sunlight.

Peach Tree

The standard peach tree can grow up to 20 feet in height and features small, pink fruit-producing flowers. Peach trees produce delicious round globes of pinkish coloured fruit that can be eaten, canned, and cooked. Peach trees need sandy soil with good drainage. Add organic compost material such as manure and leaves to the area before planting. This fruit tree requires full sun all day.

Apple Tree

The apple tree is a deciduous, flowering, fruit-bearing tree that commonly grows up to 40 feet tall. Apple trees produce varying sizes and colours of fruit ranging from the small, tart, cherry-sized apples to big, sweet, softball-sized fruit that can be green, red, or yellow. The fruit of the apple tree can be eaten raw off the tree or cooked. Its essential oils are used in perfumes or beauty products. Apple trees grow best in well-drained, loamy soil with full sunlight.

Cherry Tree

Cherry trees can grow up to 12 feet in height and bear clusters of small, red fruits. The fruit of the cherry trees is used for eating, baking, and making wine. Cherry trees grow best in soil that has organic compost added, and in full sun. Standard cherry trees do not begin to produce fruit until the fourth year.

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