Ideas for Roman Blinds

blind image by Adrian Hillman from

Roman blinds are simply shaped, flat fabric panels that are vertically corded and pleat nicely into horizontal folds when raised. Roman blinds are known for their chicness and versatility, and are great for kitchen, bath and hall areas where changing the level of sunlight allowed into the room is often necessary.

Using roman blinds is very easy and with the pull of a cord you can block out all sunlight and visibility. There are a number of creative ideas to employ with your roman blinds.

Show Off the View

Since roman blinds are simple and subtle they can be used to draw attention to other things, such as a great view. Unlike other window dressings such as curtains, roman blinds open fully and don't disturb the view from a window. However, even when they are open, the presence of the nicely folded blind at the top of the window adds an element of sophistication. So if you have a view you want to show off you can use roman blinds to help frame it at the same time not disrupting it.

Add Something Ornate

Roman blinds are very chic and contrast well with certain ornate elements. If you want to spruce up your roman blind you can add beads, tassels or other decorative elements to the blind tail--the part that opens and closes the blind--to give your roman blinds a fuller and more personalised look.

To go one step, further you can add a band or border around the roman blind using a contrasting fabric or other material such as beads to create a more detailed visual aesthetic and make the blind more interesting and stylised.

Roman Blinds and Curtains

It turns out roman blinds and curtains can often work together well as window dressing. By finding curtains to compliment your roman blinds, you can create a layered look for your window that still works practically. For instance, if you have curtains that you like looking at but don't want to have to constantly open and close, you can install a roman blind to do the real work of shielding the sun.That creates privacy and allows you to always leave the curtains open.

Leave Them Staggered

Roman blinds can be left partially open to allow some light into a room while still providing necessary privacy. When left partially open, roman blinds maintain their refined and elegant look and create a nice geometrical image of two squares or rectangles within a window. This effect is especially salient when several windows with roman blinds are left open to differing degrees. For instance, if you have three windows in a row with roman blinds, you can stagger them to create a staircase effect. This is a simple yet effective way of using your blinds to add shape and visual weight to a space.