How to Choose the Right Hacksaw Blades

Hard-to-cut materials such as porcelain, ceramic and metal can make any home-remodelling or craft project very difficult. Hacksaws, however, are a type of saw with blades designed to cut not only these types of material but also some types of glass. Because different hacksaw blades are designed to cut different materials, it's important to know how to compare hacksaw blades. Fortunately, selecting the right hacksaw blade is simple if you follow a few guidelines.

Determine the blade's number of teeth per inch. For instance, the number of teeth per inch determines what type of material the blade can cut. If you want to cut nails or other metals, you will want to select a blade with 32 teeth per inch. For some plastics, a blade with 6 or 18 teeth per inch will work better.

Determine if you need a reinforced blade. For instance, carbide blades are designed to cut tough metals.

Compare warranties. Some blades have a lifetime warranty. Others have no warranty at all.

Compare prices. Some off-brand blades are just as good as name-brand blades.

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