Slug Repellent Plants

Slug (isolated) image by Scott Latham from

Slugs can cause problems for many gardeners. They can damage plants and be difficult to eradicate. While there are many types of pesticides you can purchase, these usually contain harsh chemicals and are used to kill slugs once they've already inhabited your garden.

A better option is to choose types of plants that repel slugs in order to keep them away from your home.


Astrantia has an astringent smell that deters slugs. This not only keeps slugs from eating the plant, but they will avoid passing through them. Try planting a row of Astrantia in front of other plants to form a protective barrier. Astrantias are a perennial plant that grow best in shady areas. It has star-shaped flowers that are available in a variety of colours and can reach a height of 1 to 2 feet. Plant Astrantias in moist, fertile soil for best results.


Chervil is a shade-loving plant, and since slugs prefer cool shady areas this makes it an ideal plant for deterring them. Chervil is actually an herb with light green leaves and small white flowers. It is an annual plant and can grow to reach a height of 2 feet at maturity. In addition to deterring slugs, Chervil is also useful as a companion plant to radishes, lettuce and broccoli. Plant in a cool, moist location for best results.


Daffodils are a perennial plant grown from bulbs. Plant them as a border around your garden to add beauty and deter slugs, as they are known as a plant that slugs avoid. Daffodils are available in a number of species and come in many colours. The flowers have a star-shaped base with a trumpet-like structure on top. They bloom early in the spring. Plant in areas of full or partial sun, where soil is moist.