Driveway garden ideas

garden image by Gina Smith from

A driveway provides gardening opportunities to the amateur and professional gardener alike. Driveway gardens are particularly simple to design as the border, or the driveway, is provided before work on the garden begins. Gardens can be designed to suit the style of the particular property on which they are planted.

Rock Garden

Rock gardens are an easy choice for the driveway garden. Place medium-sized rocks 1 to 2 feet apart from each other lining the driveway on either side. Low-lying plants and mosses surrounding the rocks will provide ground cover, spilling slightly onto the drive creating a natural feel to the design. Rather than using low lying plants, the large rocks lining the drive can be surrounded with gravel or sand, creating a regal feel. According to the Landscape Design Site, rock gardens require the least amount of maintenance associated with any type of garden.


A flowerbed provides a colourful, uniform driveway garden. Line the driveway with flowerbeds 1 to 2 feet wide for a strip of colours. To add a uniform appearance, the same type of flower can be planted in the entirety of the garden to line the drive with coloured strips. A colour scheme can be chosen, using flowers of complementary colours in different designs or randomly planted throughout the garden. Color schemes allow for creativity while maintaining the uniform appearance that flowerbeds provide.

Ornamental Garden

An ornamental garden composed of shrubs, small tress, decorative grasses and perennial flowers can add a classic look to the driveway. Ornamental gardens typically include shrubs or small trees placed lining the driveway 2 to 3 feet apart. In-between the trees or shrubs can be tall ornamental grass to provide a wall-type feeling or low lying flowers to add accenting colour.