Games & activities for kids age 8-11

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Kids between the ages of 8 and 11 are no longer young children, but they are not old enough for teen activities, so finding things for them to do can be a bit of a challenge. If you put your mindset on their level you can keep kids busy by coming up with all sorts of fun games and activities for kids ages 8 to 11.

Tie-Dyed T-shirts

Kids can create their own T-shirt in the colours they choose making tie-dyed T-shirts. You need white, cotton T-shirts, rubber bands, water, fabric dye in various colours and a big tub to submerge the T-shirts in. Have the kids tie rubber bands around parts of their T-shirt and submerse them in a tub of water and dye. Allow the T-shirts to soak for about one hour and then rinse with water and hang to dry.

Competitive Drawing Game

Choose a picture of an object or animal. Place the picture on the table where the kids are and have them try to draw the same object or animal. The child whose drawing is closest to the picture wins and gets to choose the next picture for the other kids to draw.

Name That Tune

Kids of all ages love music and usually kids who are between the ages of 8 and 11 have many of the current top songs memorised. Test their musical knowledge with this fun game. Play five seconds of a song and have the kids guess the name of the song. You can play all different variations of this game. You can have them sing the next verse of the song or name the artist as well as the song. If you want to make this game educational, play classical music and have them name the piece and composer.

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