BMW Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms

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Fuel filters help clean your fuel of dirt particles before it flows into your fuel injector. A clogged fuel filter can decrease the amount of fuel being sent into your fuel injector, thus causing your engine to lose power. There are several signs to indicate that the fuel filter of your BMW may be clogged.

Engine Stalls

Your engine can stall when the fuel filter on your BMW is clogged. This happens because your fuel filter is blocked to the point that not enough fuel is flowing into your fuel injector. This decrease in fuel is causing your engine to pause until more fuel is pumped into the fuel filter. Fix this by replacing the fuel filter with a new filter.

Engine Power Loss

If your BMW is losing power, it is another symptom of a clogged fuel filter. In this case, fuel is getting through to your fuel injector, but not enough to keep your car running at top capacity. There may be something obstructing the fuel-filter valves, which connect the fuel filter to the gas line. This is fixed by disconnecting the fuel filter from the gas line and cleaning any obstructions. If this doesn't work, replace the fuel filter with a new filter.

Engine Shuts Off or Fails to Start

A major symptom of a clogged fuel filter is when your engine just shuts off or fails to start. In this case, absolutely no fuel is getting through the fuel filter, thus no fuel is being sent to the fuel injector. An engine shuts off without fuel to burn for power. Fix this by replacing your fuel filter.

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