Reasons for becoming a primary teacher

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Primary school teachers teach children in year one through to year six. These teachers generally enter the profession for a variety of reasons.

However, the best primary school teachers have some characteristics in common, including patience, a sense of humour, a love of children and a commitment to helping to develop young minds.

Working with kids

Most primary school teachers choose the job because they like working with children. Perhaps you have been told you have a way with kids, or you feel a connection when you are working with children. If you enjoy being around children and find that you can communicate well with them, you might be a good primary schoolteacher.

Sharing a passion for learning

Good teachers have a passion for learning, and good primary teachers want to share that passion and develop it in young children. If you feel this way, the passion you feel for learning can inspire a similar passion that your students can carry all through their lives.

Making a difference

Maybe there once was a teacher who touched your life in a way that forever changed how you view the world or a certain issue. Many teachers get into the profession because they were once inspired by a teacher, and they want to make a similar difference in the lives of their students.


Although it is rarely a major reason for choosing the teaching profession, many teachers enjoy having summers and holidays off. If you enjoy outdoor activities, or if you have children of your own at home, the primary schoolteacher's schedule could be a bonus for you.

The foundation of education

Primary school is where the foundation of education is built. Many primary teachers choose the field because they want to help build a solid foundation in children.