Fun Birthday Party Ideas for 15 Year Olds

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Celebrating a birthday is a big deal for anyone, especially a teen. Fifteen is an important transitional age, and a party for a 15-year-old must walk the line between being too juvenile and too mature. The prospect of big Sweet 16 parties and new-driver expenses the next year can make costs a bigger consideration at age 15. But a fun birthday party can be easy and meet the desires of a young man or a young woman.

Water Party

Celebrate a 15th birthday with a pool party or a party at a water park. Guests can enjoy the water however they'd like, from playing games to sliding to simply wading. Add traditional party extras such as streamers, balloons, beverages and cake, but they don't have to be extravagant because the water is the main draw. Don't forget a lifeguard to supervise the safe fun.

Slumber Party

Throw a slumber party. A sleepover is still a big deal because 15-year-olds aren't fully independent of their parents, and this party won't break the bank. The fun comes from such activities as makeovers and silly dancing and from late-night bonding.


A backyard barbecue or cookout can accommodate a large guest list while keeping the birthday boy as the centre of attention. The party works for the 15-year-old's peers as well as siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, family friends, and neighbours. Organise the cookout as a potluck dinner to make the expenses and logistics more manageable.

Limo Ride

Hiring a limo will make the birthday girl and her guests feel like VIPs. Decorate the limo with streamers, balloons and treats. The destination should be a place appropriate for gifts and cake, such as an arcade or bowling alley. Also arrange for the limo to take the guests home for a final dose of birthday silliness and VIP enjoyment.

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