Therapeutic activities for the elderly

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The elderly often experience a reduction in mobility as they age, but this does not mean that they have to become less active. Staying active, both physically and mentally, has many benefits to senior citizens. Finding therapeutic activities that seniors can enjoy is a key part of helping them enjoy their lives and of encouraging them to engage with their surroundings.


Gardening and working with plants can provide a range of gentle exercise and interaction that is very positive for the elderly. There is a feeling of productivity when a flower bed is weeded or watered and it can be a solitary activity or one that is accomplished in a group. For seniors who are confined by motor issues, creating a flower corsage for a friend or family member can also be entertaining and engaging.

Water Aerobics

Exercise can keep a senior healthy, but due to issues with ageing joints or previous injuries, high-impact exercise can be risky. Instead, consider water aerobics, where the pressure on the joints is significantly reduced and where the coolness of the water can help provide a comfortable workout.


Even simple trips out into the community can be a positive experience for seniors. Especially for seniors who live in a home and who are no longer as mobile as they once were, trips out can be very healthy. Plan trips to sporting events, to museums or to local festivals or celebrations.

Writing Activities

Writing, whether it is done on a computer or with a pen and pencil, is something that requires concentrated thought and organisation. Even the act of planning out what he is going to write can be beneficial to a senior, and this type of stimulation can be necessary if the senior is feeling bored or apathetic toward other rote activities.

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