Causes of Global Warming for Kids

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Global warming creates endless debate as the polar ice caps continue to melt and our populations decide what should be done to help cool off our planet. For kids, greenhouse gases, electrical pollution, deforestation and carbon dioxide are not such friendly terms, but parents can help get kids involved with a global warming project and directs their paths toward conservation of energy. There are simple things to teach kids, such as turning off lights whenever possible, that actually do help.

Greenhouse Gases

Although scientists argue about how quickly global warming is affecting the Earth, they do agree that burning fossil fuels like oil and coal causes greenhouse gases. The United States Environmental Protection Agency explains the greenhouse effect as the rise of temperature the Earth experiences as greenhouse gases trap energy from the sun. These gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. As they capture the heat from the sun, they continuously heat our planet instead of allowing the heat to flow back out into space. Without greenhouse gases, the Earth would be colder by about 15.6 degrees Celsius.

Car Pollution

One of the major causes of greenhouse gases is car pollution. As cars run on gas, which is a fossil fuel, they release poisonous fumes and smoke into the air. However, most families are dependent on vehicles to get to work, school, family gatherings and other destinations. However, families can ride bikes together or take walks as much as possible, use the car sparingly, or invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Plants and Oxygen

Another great problem associated with global warming is deforestation, or the reduction of forests and other plant life. Plants create oxygen by using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and in doing so help our planet cleanse the air of carbon dioxide. For kids, projects involving planting trees and recycling allow them to help reduce the strain of deforestation on our planet.

Fossil Fuels and Electricity

Electrical pollution is a major cause of global warming. Electrical power plants burn fossil fuels to create electricity. These fossil fuels, such as oil and petroleum, come from dead plants and animals. As fossil fuels burn, they release gases into the air, causing greenhouse gas chemicals. Kids can help conserve energy and reduce the burning of these fuels by turning off lights, televisions, stereos and video games when they are not being used.

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