What colours match with grey?

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Grey is often used to decorate both homes and wardrobes because this colour has a rustic yet polished appeal. Grey is a neutral colour, so many pastel and dark colours match with grey. However, some colours compliment grey much better than others. Bright or neon shades of green or pink do not match with neutral colours, but darker or pastel versions of green or pink compliment grey very nicely.


Burgundy is a lovely colour and it goes well with grey. Burgundy walls with grey trim are very visually appealing. Burgundy is a dark colour that contrasts and compliments grey. Other colours like plum and purple are similar to burgundy, and those colours match with grey as well. You can also match burgundy and grey together with an outfit. A grey top with a burgundy skirt looks very professional and feminine.

Forest green

Dark forest green is a deep woodsy colour that also matches grey nicely. A forest green dress with a grey scarf is pretty and sophisticated. The same rules apply in the home when decorating walls. Dark colours work well as a focal point for one large wall. Grey decor pieces like picture frames blend well in the room. Painting all the walls grey would be boring, but adding colours like forest green adds depth and livens up grey.

Black and white

Black and white are two neutral colours that match with grey. These colours work well for business attire. A white blouse with a black skirt and grey coat all blend well. However, using these three neutral colours together in a home can look too dark. You use home decor additions that are black, white or grey, but be cautious about painting all your walls black or grey. Grey is typically an accent colour for a pastel or dark colour.

Other neutral colours like brown and beige clash with grey; however, it also depends on the exact shade. Dark chocolate and grey blend well, but light brown and grey do not compliment each other.

Dark pink and red

Dark pink is a feminine colour that looks very lovely next to grey. This works well with an outfit, but not necessarily home decor Pink walls typically do not mesh well with any colour. However, a dark pink top with a grey skirt is very attractive. Red is a bold colour that livens up grey as well.

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