High-Speed Air Engraving Tools

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Engraving is the technique used to carve patterns into surfaces using tools built for the purpose. Engraving techniques are widely used in designing jewellery and artwork ranging from carvings on handles of knives and guns to engraved tiles and wood work. Air engraving employs the use of an air gun embedded in the engraving tool to blow an air spray over the surface to clean out the carved out material, allowing for cleaner and more precise engraving.

Turbo Carver

Claimed to be the world's fastest and lightest power carving tool by its manufacturers, the Turbo Carver can be gripped like a pencil and works on a range of surfaces, including wood, glass, bone, stone, paper, leather, hard metals, eggs, antlers, gems and ivory. It operates at up to 400,000rpm with little torque, making it easy to handle and use smoothly. It can also be used to drill a hole through blown glass without breaking it. Weighing only 14.2gr, it can be easily used for long periods without any weight-related stress on the hand; making it suitable for use by those suffering from arthritis and joint-related illnesses. It also has a rubber hand grip, allowing for better control. The optional water mist spray eliminates up to 95 per cent of the fumes and dust created during engraving, allowing for a cleaner surface.

Lindsay Air Chasing Graver

Built to replicate as closely as possible a traditional hand-carving palm-push graver in shape, size and form factor, this engraver is among the smallest ones available in the market. Featuring a hammering action ranging from 2,520 to 24,500 impacts per minute, the tool's air inlet tubing is adjustable in three different positions to offer a greater degree of customisation. Each stroke can be adjusted to lengths ranging from 3/8 inch to several thousandths of an inch. The knob-like palm push handle is made from walnut and is itself engraved, while the hardened piston and the remaining body is stainless steel. The 0.133 inch hole supports several gravers and points available in the market. Air pressure ranging from 0.05 up to 50 PSI can be used to cater to different surfaces, as stated on the official website. The tool is a hand made item, not mass-produced, making it quite expensive.


Also claiming to be the world's fastest carving tool, the Paragrave Power Pen features a fine precision engraving tool in the shape of a pen that comes bundled in different packs dubbed "Paks" to cater to the needs of different engravers. The tool itself features speeds of up to 500,000 rotations per minute. The included tungsten-carbide and diamond cutters work on surfaces including but not limited to glass, wood, ivory, metal and egg shells to be easily carved upon. The device works with several air compression pumps available in the market and in select Paragrave packages, comes with a 1 horsepower Air America compressor with in-line regulators and up to 15-foot hoses. The business kit features an aluminium quiet box to cut down on any noise produced by the high power Thomas compressor included.

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