Funny 18th birthday ideas

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An 18th birthday is a milestone for just about everyone. It is the age at which you are a legal adult. When you are throwing an 18th birthday party, it can be difficult to find a funny theme idea, while also making it an adult party.

There are many different themes to choose from and the best one will depend on the person that is turning 18. You will want to consider whether or not they are male or female, and keep in mind their interests.

Dunk Tank

A funny idea for an 18th birthday is to have a dunk tank at the party. This is quite unexpected and is fun for all ages. Dunk tanks can be rented from party stores and there are also companies that specialise in renting and selling them. If you decide to rent a dunk tank for the party, they are usually rented by the day. It's the perfect, fun, party prop for an 18th birthday party.


A Hawaiian themed party, complete with a luau, is a funny 18th birthday party idea. Play up the Hawaiian theme by including tiki torches all throughout the house or yard. In addition, adorn everyone with a lei. To really have fun, do the limbo to Hawaiian themed music. Require that guests dress up in hula skirts or Hawaiian shirts.


Toga parties are quite popular with high school and college aged people. It's a fun idea for an 18th birthday because it involves dressing up and fun activities. Toga parties are ideal during the summer or any time that the weather is not too cold. The toga itself can be made out of bed sheets quite easily. At most toga parties, there is a small pool or bin filled with grapes. Once the party is underway, have games that involve stomping grapes. Make certain to take lots of pictures of the party.