Kindergarten Graduation Bulletin Board Ideas

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Kindergarten students will be excited by their graduation, but they may also feel sad about the class they have to leave or scared of the unknown world of first grade. Help your kindergarten students get geared up for graduation by using your notice board display to educate them about this special event.

Beginnings and Endings

Teachers can show the students how much they have grown by displaying a photographic notice board. Teachers can post a photo of a student from the first week of school next to a photo of that same student from the last week of school, wearing their graduation caps if possible. This notice board provides students with visual evidence of how much they have grown throughout the year.

Look What We Can Do

Students might list the things they have learnt to do throughout the year on a notice board designed to celebrate their accomplishments. The board headline could read, "Congratulations, Graduates!" and it can list all the things students can do at the end of kindergarten, such as counting to 100, naming all of their letters and numbers, or tying their shoelaces. It could be a general list for the whole class, or each student could write one thing he has learnt to do on a small graduation cap cutout to display on the board.

Wise Graduates

The notice board can show students how wise they've become by putting a photo of every child onto a construction-paper cutout of an owl wearing a graduation cap. The headline can read, "Look Whoooo's Graduating," and the students can take their owls with them on the last day of school.

Ready for First Grade

A graduation notice board can encourage students to get excited about first grade. The kindergarten teacher could use the board to inform her students about the teachers who will teach first grade in the school next year, including a picture and some favourite things that teacher likes to do, photos of her classroom, or sample class activities the kids might participate in next year as first graders. This kind of notice board helps students focus on the positive aspect of moving on rather than the sadness of letting go of kindergarten.

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