Ideas for stair coverings

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From outdoor patio stairs to a beautiful indoor wooden staircase, steps often need to be covered. Stair coverings provide traction, absorb dust, repel rain that can make stairs slick and add colour to the surrounding environment. When choosing a new stair covering select a durable material that coordinates with the adjoining style and colour schemes.

Rubber and Vinyl Stair Treads

Choose rubber or vinyl stair treads for indoor stairs. The individual rectangles of stair treads must fit snug against the shape of the step. Cutting preformed stair tread pieces to custom fit a uniquely shaped step is not recommended. Vinyl or rubber stair treads are best suited for informal staircases, such as basement steps or steps into a garage.

Fibreglass Stair Treads

Outdoor steps can be covered with fibreglass stair tread covers. These slip-resistant covers can be adhered to concrete, wood or metal steps. This type of cover is perfect for exterior home staircases, fire escape staircases or on steps outside of a business. Fibreglass stair treads increase traction in indoor environments where steps may be routinely wet or oily, such as at a car wash or in an auto mechanics garage.

Aluminium Non-Skid Treads

Strips, pads or stair nosings made from aluminium can provide traction on stairs. The durable metal non-slip treads are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They can be attached to steps leading into boats, outdoor wooden decks, concrete and metal staircases. Aluminium non-skid treads are popular in outdoor environments where snow and ice accumulate or in an indoor factory/industrial setting.

Carpet Stair Runners

Stair runners are a narrow width of carpet with a finished edge. Runners add colour and style to indoor staircases while allowing a few inches of the existing steps to peek out from the edges of the carpet. Stair runners are popular on finished wooden staircases. Oriental rug-type patterns are common, as the ornate pattern hides small pieces of dirt that often collect on staircases. When installed with a thin carpet pad, stair runners provide lush comfort to bare feet.

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