Scrim Scarf Uses

A scrim scarf is a type of scarf that was first created for the British Army. The scarf is shaped like a traditional scarf, but it is made from mesh fabric, and comes in traditional camouflage colours--such as olive, black and brown. Scrim scarves are traditionally used for the military and for hunting.

There are many ways that a scrim scarf can be used to benefit someone in the wilderness.


One of the best uses for a scrim scarf is as camouflage. Scrim scarves are usually made from green, grey, black or some other dark colour. This helps them blend into the forest much better than a person’s face would. Drape the scarf over the face while hunting or during war engagements. Since the scarf is netted, it is still possible to see out from the scarf while it is being worn. Place leaves and sticks in the holes in the scarf to increasing the amount of camouflage provided.

Gun Cover

Another use for a scrim scarf is as a gun cover. When hiding in the woods, sometimes the glint of the sun off a metal gun can startle animals away--ruining the shot, or alert the enemy to your location if in a war situation. Use a scrim scarf to wrap the gun, making it blend in more with the surroundings.


A scrim scarf can also be used as a regular scarf. The scarf is just long enough to wrap around the neck and tuck into a jacket or shirt. Use a scrim scarf to keep warm in cooler weather. The netted design of the scarf allows it to be used in all weathers. The scarf can also be used outside of the coat or shirt if desired.

Rain Protector

A scrim scarf can be used to help protect equipment and clothing from rain and other elements. The scarf is usually made of cotton, but can also be made of materials that resist water. Wrap the netting around equipment that may become damaged when wet. The scarf can also be wrapped around a person’s head to keep it drier during rain.


Since the scrim scarf uses a netted construction, it can be used as a net in a pinch. The net can be used to hold equipment, store items in a pool or stream, or even be used to catch fish.