Ideas for a Glamorous Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

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A couple's 50th year of marriage is considered a milestone and is known as the golden wedding anniversary. For such a special occasion, consider hosting a glamorous party that immerses the honorees and guests in an elegant, upscale environment.

Gold Jewelry Favors

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The Emily Post Institute notes that giving guests favours as a token of appreciation is a charming custom, but not required. Go beyond charming and reinforce the golden theme of a 50th wedding anniversary by offering guests gold jewellery or accessories as favours. Organise the wedding favour containers by gender. Give female guests gold earrings or bracelets and give male guests gold cuff links or money clips. As an alternative, offer the gender-neutral gift of gold chains. Place the favours into gold-coloured bags or boxes. Online retailers such as Paper Mart offer gift bags and boxes in various sizes and colours. Select elegant materials such as crushed velvet for boxes and silk for ribbons for a glamorous look.

Gold Leaf Cake

Like wedding receptions, many anniversary parties feature a main dessert such as cake. Remind guests of the glamour of the celebration by having a cake adorned with edible gold. Many professional bakers have the ability and resources to use edible gold on an anniversary cake. For a more affordable cake, bake the cake at home and purchase edible gold leaf. Gold Leaf Company is one of several organisations that offer edible gold leaf by the sheet. Sheets are available in 23-karat yellow gold and white gold. Use the gold leaf all over the cake, in intermittent flakes or mould it into different shapes such as flowers. For an extra special detail, place sparklers on top of the anniversary cake. Companies like Skylighter offer sparklers made specifically for cakes and indoor celebrations.

Violet Carpet

Violets are the flowers associated with the 50th wedding anniversary. In addition to adorning the party venue with violets, use the colour violet for a dramatically designed entrance. Instead of a red carpet, have a violet carpet complete with photographers and flashing bulbs. Such an entrance underscores an anniversary tradition and is reminiscent of Hollywood glamour. Companies such as Event Rugs offer special event rugs in various colours.