How to Know If Your Boss Is Attracted to You

Romance in the workplace can cause a lot of confusion. The standards of corporate culture can interfere with the ways that people show attraction and affection. Rules and regulations can make dating coworkers and superiors a taboo issue.

Seniority and power can further affect the way people act, which leads to mixed messages and difficult-to-interpret signals. By paying closer attention, you can look for signs that your boss has a romantic interest in you.

Look for situations where you are given special treatment. Does your boss frequently give you longer lunches or easier tasks than your coworkers? This could be a sign that he is giving you preferential treatment as a result of attraction.

Examine the amount of attention your boss gives you. Does your boss always seem to be watching or commenting on your performance? Do you receive frequent visits for small talk or constant requests to see your boss in her office? This could be a form of flirtation on the part of your superior.

Examine the kinds of things your boss shares with you. Are your conversations business-oriented or more personal in nature? Does your boss confide in you sensitive and personal information? When talking about other employees, does your boss speak in a professional manner? By closely examining the conversations you share with your boss, you could find that your relationship is more personal than expected.

Pay attention to suggestions and requests from your boss that could be propositions for a date. Does your boss suggest going out for a meal or visiting a location together? This might be an attempt to ask you out on a date. When your boss invites you to a movie or event, see if other coworkers are also invited. If it is just the two of you, your boss likely considers the event a date.