Wording Ideas for Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

baby present image by lidian neeleman from Fotolia.com

The baby shower invitation that you send sets the tone for your event. It can match the theme or colour scheme of your shower decor, giving mother-to-be and her guests a peek of what the shower will be like. If you choose to send homemade invitations, you can cater the wording to fit your event.

The wording you choose for your baby shower invitations can convey your shower's theme in a fun way as well as provide guests with all the important information they need to attend.


If the parents have found out whether they are having a boy or a girl, cater your invitation wording to the gender of the baby. For example, start the invitation off with the classic "It's a Boy!" phrase, followed by "Please join us to celebrate Elizabeth and her baby boy." Or, write a poem to honour the mom-to-be's baby girl, such as: "Join us to celebrate Amy's baby girl. In just a few months, she will be Amy's world. Gifts, lunch, cake and tea. Let's celebrate the mom-to-be!" If the parents have already chosen and shared the baby's name, you can include that in the invitation wording as well---for example, "Please join us to celebrate Levi Joseph's impending arrival!"

Themed Wording

If you are hosting a baby shower that focuses on a theme, use your invitation illustrate that theme. The theme can focus on the food, like a baby shower brunch, an activity, like a pampering or spa baby shower, or a gift, like books or diapers. Let the invitation tell guests what to expect. If you need to direct guests to bring a particular type of gift for your shower, write thematic wording. For example, a diaper shower invitation can say, "It's baby number two for Lisa and Joe. They have the essentials and are ready to go. Bring them a diaper-related gift to share as they prepare for sweet baby Blair!" Fill the baby's nursery with books at a book-themed baby shower, and offer an invitation with wording like: "Help us build Baby Smith's library at Liza's baby shower. Please bring your favourite children's book to share."

Gender-Neutral Wording

If the parents do not know if they are having a boy and a girl it may be best to stick to one of several standard invitation phrases, which can still convey the tone of the event. Formal wording includes such phrases as "Please join us for a baby shower honouring Kate Thomas" or "You are cordially invited to a baby shower honouring Whitney Banks." A more casual baby shower can be announced with a phrase like "Join us for Nicole's Baby Shower" or "Let's shower Mandy with gifts for her little one!"