Ideas for a Staff Bulletin Board

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A notice board serves the importance purpose of keeping your staff informed and connected to the daily routine of the office. A staff notice board should be used to highlight and celebrate the different aspects of your office. The more updated information you maintain on the notice board, the more prone your staff will be to look at it on a daily basis. The staff notice board can be used for a variety of reasons and purposes.

Staff Member of the Month

You can make a section of the notice board that celebrates the efforts and achievements of one staff member a month. You can place a photo of the person with a brief description of what he or she does for the organisation. You can also have the supervisor write up a reason why the person was selected as the staff member of the month. You can also have the mission statement of your company posted below this section of the notice board to show others how to achieve the same accomplishment.


A section of the staff notice board can be used for updates within the company. This can be a simple piece of paper printed out from your computer or you can print one page per update in a larger font so people can read the updates at a distance. The updates can be refreshed every morning or once a week, depending on how often the information changes in your organisation.


Another section of the staff notice board can highlight different goals in the company and the progress. You can use a giant thermostat or another icon to show where the company is at in the goal and how much farther it needs to go. This will keep the employees informed and motivated to hit the goal as soon as possible.


You can have a large calendar in a section of the notice board that can have major events listed. You may want to give others the option of writing in their various events and important dates to remember. The calendar can be used to keep everyone informed of special dates and occasions. It can be used for business needs or important employee dates such as birthdays and deadlines.

Something Fun

A small section of the notice board can be focused on something fun. You can place a weekly riddle or joke in this section or a random fact about your company that most people don't know. You can place trivia or facts about the manager's or supervisor's personal lives.

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