Business 40th anniversary celebration ideas

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Four decades of staying in business is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Whether the business is a multimillion dollar venture or a small family-owned establishment, 40 years is a long time to remain a viable business entity. Use creativity and business savvy to appropriately celebrate the 40th anniversary of your company.

Employee Appreciation Party

Use the occasion of your company’s 40th anniversary to acknowledge the hard work of employees past and present. Host a party in honour of the employees who have kept your business afloat for four decades. Offer a meal, hand out awards to special employees and make a speech that acknowledges their overall work as well as individual achievements. According to Cutting Edge PR, when employees are acknowledged for a job well done, their overall job satisfaction and productivity increase. Give each guest a favour to take home, such as a mug with the company logo or a paperweight.

List of 40 Accomplishments

In honour of 40 years in business, compile a list of 40 achievements. Make a list for internal use that highlights individual employee achievements and imparts intimate knowledge of the company as well as lighthearted fun. For example, include an “accomplishment” about how the company finally fixed the vending machine in the break room after only twenty years of complaints. Create a more formal list of achievements for the public. Publish the list in a local newspaper.

Company Timeline

During the company’s 40th anniversary party, tell the history of your company from its inception to the present day with the aid of photographs, mementos and other corporate artefacts. According to My Expression, such a timeline inspires nostalgia in older employers and encourages newer employees to contribute to the company’s legacy.

Customer Appreciation Day

Celebrate the 40th business anniversary by holding a customer appreciation day. Create a festive look with balloons and streamers at your company’s location. Add festive elements to your company’s web page. For the day or week of your company’s 40th anniversary, offer special discounts, gifts and incentives to customers. The Kudzu Business Success Center suggests acknowledging your best customers by offering them special privileges such as better parking spots or early access to event tickets.

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