Funny Porsche Gifts

For anyone who has the Porsche bug, nothing is as fun as a gift that taps into a favourite hobby. Porsche lovers are a special breed and appreciate special gifts inspired by these automobiles. Gift ideas go far beyond your typical T-shirts, baseball hats and coffee mugs.

Whether a current Porsche owner or simply a Porsche dreamer, sports car fans love to be surrounded by reminders of their preferred coupé.

Gift Ideas

The Beauty Encounter website has a Porsche eau de toilette spray called "The Essence for Men." The Porsche Purist website sells a CD with exhaust sounds from a Porsche GT1. The T-shirt Hell website makes a T-shirt that reads: "My other car seat is in the Porsche," along with a picture of keys attached to a baby's pacifier. You could also have an artist draw a caricature of the Porsche enthusiast alongside his favourite car. The CartoonStock website has Porsche-themed cartoons.

The JZ Mach Tech website has a Porsche espresso cup set and martini racing glasses. The website also offers Porsche golf accessories for both men and women. The Porsche Shop website has a Porsche USB memory stick and a wireless computer mouse that is actually shaped like a Porsche. The site also offers a selection of Porsche steering wheels and a Porsche horn push. Have a special event coming up? The Porsche Shop also has themed tie pins and cuff links.

Female Fans

The Chroma Type 301 website has Porsche-designed knives for the combination at-home cook and Porsche lover. The Beechmont Porsche website offers Heritage purses that feature picture of Porsches. Women can also attend the Porsche Sport's Driving School in Alabama and escape to the women's-only course.

The JZ Mach Tech website children's play Porsches for your little one. The website also has a Porsche Carfit beauty case and bags with Porsche pictures on them.

Sports Car Enthusiasts

The Zazzle website offers a bumper sticker that reads, "My other car is a piece of junk, too." The D.A.V.electronics website has a mirror decal that reads, "Objects in mirror are losing." Order the brake caliper tape dispenser for your office from the JZ Mach Tech website. The website also has a caliper and disc coaster set and earplugs with an exhaust-shaped container, plus toiletry and suit bags.