Gift Ideas for Film Lovers

Film lovers spend their lives in pursuit of the perfect film experience. A film fanatic may be able to quote all of his favourite films, or he may remember the first movie that began his love affair with the cinema.

Buying a gift for a film lover can be intimidating if you are short on ideas that may appeal to his celluloid tastes. When choosing a gift for a film lover, choose a gift that will appeal to him, no matter what his favourite film may be.

Classic Film Festival in a Box

Gather a number of classic films on DVD. Bundle the set together with a movie guide by an established critic or film publication. Consider adding films by classic directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra and John Huston.

Favourite Director Biography or Film Study Book

Most all film lovers have a favourite director. Whether it's a classic director--such as Hitchcock--or a contemporary filmmaker, chances are, you can find a biography on the director or at least a study of his films. Robert Rodriguez even penned his own autobiography, "Rebel without a Crew," a book about his struggle to make his first film.

Replica Movie Memorabilia

Whether she loves films such as "The Godfather" or "Ghostbusters," many companies now produce stunningly realistic replica memorabilia. If the market on her favourite film hasn't yet been cornered, commission an independent prop maker to construct a replica of a cherished prop from one of her favourite films.

Location Tour

Gift him with a location tour highlighting popular filming locations in a nearby metropolitan area. Almost all large U.S. cities have locations that have been featured in numerous popular films. Check with the local chamber of commerce to identify where these spots are. Create your own location tour if one does not already exist.

Customised Movie Quotes Poster

As most film lovers constantly quote their favourite films, there's no doubt you've heard her quoting her favourites. Create a poster featuring lines from her favourite films. Use your own graphics software to create your own . You may also commission a graphics artist to put one together for you. Once you have created your design, have the design printed through an online print-on-demand house or at a local print shop.

Personalised Director's Chair

You can purchase novelty director's chairs online or in local memorabilia stores. These chairs are often seen on the sets of films in production. They come in all colours. Choose the colour that suits your gift recipient; have his name printed on the back of the chair.