Ideas for covering concrete steps & landings

Safety constitutes a major consideration when homeowners choose a covering for concrete steps and landings. Inside the home, concrete steps and landings present safety hazards if people or animals slip and fall on the concrete. Each idea for covering an indoor concrete step or landing should incorporate the concepts of comfortable footfalls and resistance to slips and falls.


Carpeting represents a cost-effective way to cover stair steps and landings made of concrete. The homeowner must consider whether the concrete surfaces require padding and insulation prior to carpet installation. Direct-glue installation for commercial-grade carpets provides a way to get carpets to conform to the concrete surface. The adhesive forms the only layer between the carpet and the concrete. Commercial-grade carpets are available in a wide range of colours and textures for any homeowner's budget.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf and ground covers present problems for outdoor walkways, steps, staircases and landings. One cause stems from the trapping of moisture between the turf and the concrete surface. Inside the home, artificial turf is a cheaper covering than carpet to apply directly to stairs and landings. Homeowners can purchase a variety of artificial turfs at the home improvement store for use indoors. Some artificial turfs like SynLawn offer the homeowner a way to re-create the natural look of grass anywhere in the home.


Brick or artificial brick represent another floor covering that can lend a timeless elegance to bare concrete landings and steps. Choose brick materials based on considerations for the level of the home. For example, to cover concrete steps leading from the first floor down into the basement, moisture is a major consideration. Artificial turf and carpet may not hold up well in a high-moisture environment, and versatile brick may present the perfect solution to decorate bare concrete steps and landings. A textured brick surface also creates a safer surface for human and animal feet descending into a dark basement.

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