The best dual volume toilets

If it's time to replace your old, water-guzzling toilet with a new one, then a dual-flush model might be a good choice. Toilets today are smaller, use less water, are quieter and have more reliable parts, so it makes sense to update your old toilet as soon as you can. A dual-flush toilet allows you to choose from two settings, which determine how much water will be flushed down your bowl. One setting might be 1.6 gallons per flush, while the other is 1.0. For solid waste, use the first setting. For liquid, use the second. Depressing the flush button one or twice usually controls the amount of water, saving you money on your water bills.

Caroma Caravelle 305 Dual-Flush Toilet

The Caroma Caravelle 305 model, dual-flush toilet was rated the best by Consumer Research. The toilet performed well, saved water and had easy controls. The drawbacks for the Caroma were the pricetag at £260 and the low water level.

Understand, though, that if you are used to a 5-gallon or 3.5-gallon flush, you will be surprised how low the water level is in a new water-saving toilet.

Ariel Platinum 'The Hermes' Dual-Flush Toilet

The "Hermes" dual-flush toilet was rated very high by consumers who have had a chance to test out the toilet. Reviewers comment that the Hermes dual-flush unit is sleek in design and easy to clean. This model saves water and is powerful enough to accomplish its tasks.

Royal Monterey 1009 Dual-Flush Toilet

The Royal Monterey 1009 dual-flush toilet also had great reviews from past buyers. Reviewers liked the clean, one-piece design that made cleaning a breeze. The unit also performed well in flush tests.

This dual-flush model also has a low water level, but this is considered normal for today's high-efficiency toilets.

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