Door Interior Trim & Molding Ideas

So you have just finished replacing your interior doors to update the look of your home. Now it's time to think of how to trim those doors to add a little bit of an architectural look to your home.

If you already have crown moulding and base moulding installed throughout your home, then you might want to choose door trim that compliments those pieces. If you are just starting to think about adding moulding to your home, then installing some the door trim is idea place to begin.

Door moulding varies in material type, style, and cost. The simplest door moulding choice is usually unfinished wood, MDF or primed wood moulding. Another style of door trim is highly decorative and can be quite expensive. Decorative moulding may be made of wood or composite materials. The newest door trim choices today are those made of plastic or composite materials.

Unfinished or Primed Molding

Unfinished moulding is a great choice for door trim, especially if you want to stain the trim and have that natural wood look. A good idea is to stain your moulding before you install it. Pre-staining is much easier to do then after the moulding has been installed.

Primed moulding is a good choice if your doors are already painted white or even another colour. You save time from having to prime the door trim and can simply add a coat or two of matching paint before installation.

MDF moulding is very similar to primed moulding. It is made from compressed board and is more flexible then wood moulding. It comes pre-primed as well.

Basic unfinished or primed moulding is the least expensive choice of door trim, usually starting out at about £6 for a basic ten foot length. Check your local hardware store for pricing information.

Decorative Door Molding

If you want a more elegant door trim to match the rest of your house trim, then decorative moulding or architectural moulding comes in a variety of styles and materials. Decorative moulding is often made from polyurethane and is extremely lightweight. Geometric patterns are available as well as designs for children's rooms such as dinosaurs or stars. Designers moulding can be slight curved too if necessary for arched doorways. Since architectural moulding is already primed, just apply your paint colour and you're ready to install it around your doors.

Decorative moulding starts out at about £9 to £13 per length, so it can be quite expensive. See your local home improvement centre for exact pricing in your area.

Plastic or Composite Door Trim

Plastic or composite door trim is becoming more popular because it is lightweight and is longer lasting then traditional wood or MDF moulding. It is highly resistant to water penetration, mould and termites. You can usually only find this moulding in the most basic style, but it does outlast wood or designer moulding choices.