Can You Turn a Shed Into a Bedroom?

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A shed can become a bedroom, but only if ideal conditions exist. The size of the shed must be suitable for a bedroom. What "shed" means to one family may not mean "shed" for your family.

Some sheds are low-quality wood tossed together for the purpose of protecting the family barbecue grill while other sheds are larger, even two-level spaces, with space for a bedroom set and other living essentials.


Consult with your local government and acquire all permits required for a shed-to-bedroom conversion. Electrical, building, renovation and other permits may be required depending on city bylaws. You may also have to meet certain requirements for a residential space that vary from when your shed was merely used for storage or other hobby purposes. Safety in any construction project is paramount, and demonstrating this to local authorities, as well as ensuring your loved ones are safe, is key with home renovations and upgrades of all kinds.

Insulation and Air Conditioning

Depending on your climate and the existing insulation, your shed may require additional insulation, which means not only insulation in the walls but ensuring the roof and floor keep the heat in and perform their job of climate control. In warmer climates, an air conditioning unit may be required for heat control. Factor in all of these costs when developing and updating your renovation budget.


Another aspect of converting your shed into a bedroom is the electrical wiring. Ensure your shed can be converted to an electrical unit if electricity does not already exist in your shed. Hire a qualified electrician for all electrical work, and verify that they are registered with an appropriate professional body.


Once you've considered the approval process, insulation and electrical and all those costly jobs, decor is a must. The style and investment in your shed-turned-bedroom will depend on how the room will be utilised. This space makes an ideal in-law bedroom, guest space (almost a guest house of sorts) or a university student space. Paint the walls of the shed a bright colour, and give it a fresh look (darker colours will make an already dark space gloomy), and make use of vertical height in your shed by incorporating shelving and higher bedroom bureaus and furniture.