When does an american bulldog stop growing?

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American Bulldogs are muscular and athletic medium-sized dogs. With a compact build and well-balanced frame, this alert and inquisitive dog breed is known for having great stamina. The American Bulldog goes through multiple developmental stages on the way to adulthood, and it stops growing at about 3 years old.

Young puppy stage

American Bulldog puppies are cute and lovable. Until puppies reach 14 weeks, they spend most of their time sleeping. After 14 weeks, your puppy will begin to display independence and begin exploring his surroundings in detail. This is the time to firmly, consistently and gently establish boundaries.

Teenage stage

When an American Bulldog puppy reaches 5 months old, he becomes extremely curious, expanding his territory. The puppy will push previously learnt boundaries and may act rebellious. His behaviour will be inconsistent, respecting your commands one minute and testing you the next. It is during this stage that your dog is learning how he fits into the family structure. Teenage dogs begin developing skills that allow them to interact properly with you and with others. Be patient during the teenage stage, it will pass quickly.

Young adult stage

After five or six months, American Bulldogs reach young adulthood. This is a good time to enrol your dog in an obedience class. Group classes will not only teach your dog basic obedience skills but will also make him more comfortable interacting with strangers and socialising with other dogs. Additionally, training classes are a good opportunity for you to bond with your American Bulldog.

Adult dog stage

An American Bulldog hits adulthood at around 18 months. When your dog reaches 3 years, he is considered fully mature and will stop growing. A full-grown American Bulldog's height and weight can vary. The typical weight range for a standard American Bulldog male is 38.6 to 43.1kg. Females commonly weigh between 65 and 75lbs.