How Much Room Do You Need for a Breakfast Nook?

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Hot coffee with a newspaper in hand during a relaxing breakfast -- this is the ideal. You can achieve this dream by making your own breakfast nook in your kitchen. Breakfast nooks don't take up much space, but do provide equity in terms of your overall happiness and lifestyle.

General Information

Breakfast nooks are often small spaces in a kitchen where a family can eat an informal meal. The space is often a small alcove or bump-out, which is why they are called nooks. However, you can make your own nook by sectioning off a portion or corner of your kitchen.

Minimum Space Requirements

Your breakfast nook ideally needs to provide 30 inches of space for each person seated at the table. However, if you live in a small apartment or have a small kitchen, you can get by with 24 inches of space for each person. A standard seat of a chair is 18 inches high. Benches are a little shorter. An additional 18 inches of width are necessary to push chairs in and out of the nook.


The shape of your kitchen will affect how much space you can use for your breakfast nook. If you have a small alcove, your measurements will be based on how much seating space you can fit in that location. For a round room, you may choose to use a round table, which requires a larger table for everyone to have enough space. You may also have to work windows into your design scheme.


The space you need is also determined by the seating you plan to use. Built-in units provide a snug fit with the seating attached to the wall. You may want to purchase a banquette for comfortable bench seating that provides space for more people. A combination of benches and chairs is a common choice. Standard kitchen tables or console tables are other common options. A breakfast nook with a window seat or sofa is a charming option. L-shaped furniture helps maximise space, as does a floating table, attached directly to the wall, that doesn't take up floor space with legs. Efficient breakfast nooks consist of a table that is 3 feet less in width and length than the size of the breakfast nook. A common dimension for your nook table is 42 inches, with 20 inches for a bench, according to the website of Crownpoint Cabinetry.

Final Considerations

A breakfast nook is often a small space, but you can make it larger to accommodate your family's needs, if space provides. For most breakfast nooks, imagine the space available in a restaurant booth. This is generally the amount of space your nook will take.

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